Character Creation

What follows are the steps we’ll go through during creation of your characters. FATE character creation is a collaborative effort with all players and the GM.

Before you begin, keep in mind the Seven Rules of Character Creation:

  • Rule 1: The character must work in a group.
  • Rule 2: The character must be fun for the player and the rest of the group.
  • Rule 3: The character must be good at heart (even if it’s way down, way, way down).
  • Rule 4: The character must have a reason to go adventurin’ in the Black.
  • Rule 5: The character must fit the Firefly style.
  • Rule 6: The character must have long term goals.
  • Rule 7: The player must be able to actually play the character.
  1. Concept and Background Think through a few questions before character creation or maybe his or her Role on the Ship. We’d like your character to have been attached somehow to a unit of Browncoats during the War: a soldier, a relative, a disillusioned Independent, a hired merc, etc. Somehow your character should be connected a squad, dong ma?
  2. Motivation Figure out what your character wants. His or her motives—-write it down.
  3. Phases Go through the Four Phases in order, picking two Aspects each phase.
  4. Skills Assign your Skills points (20 points (such as 4 average, 3 fair, 2 good, and one 1 great skills).
  5. Stunts Select four Stunts for your character, connected to your skills—these represent specializations or unique expressions of your skills.
  6. Finishing Touches Give your character a name and brief physical description and fill in any equipment that is logical or connected to your aspects. Be sure to define his or her Role on the Ship. Consider his or her Home as well.

Extra: Earn some bonus to your character (special equipment, extra skill points, another aspect…hey, barter with me) fill out the 3×3×3 sheet, which provide us with three allies, three enemies, and three contacts per character.

Download the PDF of character creation here.

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Character Creation

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