Select your character’s motivation.

When playing to motivations, you may receive a fate point.

You may select one major motivation and one minor (or one public and one hidden). Some motivations might be directed at a group. Some examples of motivations are listed below:

Achievement To overcome obstacles and succeed; to become the best
Acquisition To obtain possessions/wealth
Balance/Peace To bring all things into harmony and equilibrium
Beneficence To protect the helpless, heal the sick, feed the hungry, etc.
Competition to enter into or create zero-sum opportunities to win over others
Creation To build or make new, such as art, culture, invention, design, etc.
Discovery/Adventure To explore, uncover mysteries, and pioneer
Domesticity to get married, have children, and live a family life
Education To provide information, teach, enlighten, or train
Hedonism To enjoy all things sensuous
Liberation To free the self and/or others from perceived captivity or enslavement
Nobility/Honor To exalt ideals such as generosity, honesty, bravery, and courtliness
Order To arrange, organize, and reduce chaos
Play To have fun, to enjoy life
Power To control and lead others
Rebellion to act out against or contrary to any and all forms of authority
Recognition To gain approval, social status, or fame
Service To follow a person, government, order, religion, etc.
Tranquility to live a life with minimal conflict or disturbance
Understanding To seek knowledge or wisdom

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